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The Primary care technician for your desert pool

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Pool Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ 

Desert Pool Tech is the swimming pool equipment repair company in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas that can ensure your pool remains in good working order so that you can enjoy it any time you choose without issue.


Pool Equipment Maintenance Service

We provide quality pool equipment maintenance service to keep your pool running smoothly. Equipment such as the pump, filter, and heater is very important to proper pool operation. Our maintenance service can help to ensure that the parts of your pool work as they should so that your time in the pool is not interrupted by costly repairs.


Swimming Pool Pump Repair and Replacement

At Desert Pool Tech, we specialize in swimming pool pump repair and replacement, ensuring that your pool runs efficiently and effectively all year round. We have extensive experience working with swimming pool pumps, so we can quickly determine what the issue is with your pump and repair or replace it immediately so you have more time in the pool.

Pool Equipment Repair Near Phoenix AZ

Swimming Pool Motor Repair

We provide professional swimming pool motor repair to ensure your pool continues to function as it should. Figuring out exactly what is wrong with your pool’s motor can be challenging for those untrained in pool repair: Is it an electrical short, the bearings, the capacitor, or something else? We have the experience and knowledge to quickly and accurately determine what is wrong and repair it right away.


Pool Light Repair Company

Desert Pool Tech is the go-to pool light repair company in the Phoenix region, offering expert solutions to ensure your pool is well-lit and safe for night-time swimming. We provide all types of pool light repairs, from repairing any cracks or leaks in the fixture to any other issue involving the power.


Contact us so we can keep your pool equipment running as it should.

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