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  • What services does Desert Pool Tech offer?
    Pool service Pool repairs Pool resurfaces Landscaping remodel
  • How does Desert Pool Tech handle pool leaks?
    Start with a pressure test of the entire system to pinpoint the leak. Demo where needed and repair the plumbing Replace whatever material that was removed to access the leak: concrete, pebble tech etc.
  • What are common pool problems faced by Phoenix residents, and how does Desert Pool Tech address them?
    Lack of knowledge on proper aspects of pool service. Our goal is first and foremost education so they can do it themselves if desired. Second we provide the services needed. Hundreds of pools have been built in the past without automatic water levelers. We can install an aftermarket automatic water leveler to address that. Old plumbing above ground which has leaks and cause pumps to fail Integrity amongst the pool service providers is a huge problem. Homeowners never really know if their pool was serviced properly or even serviced at all. We have a unique reporting software that automatically emails a report after every visit to the homeowner which includes pictures and notes from our service. Algae. Our simple and cost-effective service model keeps the pool sparkling and algae free. Broken or non-functional pool equipment. We partner with several reputable value brand manufacturers which allows us to provide competitive pricing for variable speed pool pumps with “good, better, best” options for every repair.
  • Can Desert Pool Tech help with pool automation?
    Yes, we offer pool automation
  • How can I schedule a service or consultation with Desert Pool Tech?
    Go to and request a consultation. Our office will reach out to and get it scheduled.
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